Possibly the most common place to see untidy cuts and gaps in laminate flooring is around door frames where the floor stops between rooms. 

Some floor fitters tend to simply cut the flooring around the door frames and fill the gaps with a flexible matching filler. This can look ok, but over time the filler becomes discoloured or can come loose which leaves the gaps exposed and generally looking untidy.

Follow the guide in the video to get perfectly fitted flooring around your door frames, some steps you should not are:

  • Fit your flooring up until you reach the door frame
  • Try to split the boards so you're using one board for one side of the door and another board for the other side, as trying to cut and fit one board to fit both sides of the door frame is much more difficult.
  • Using a scrap piece of flooring, line it up with the door frame and mark the height you want to cut with a pencil line all the way around.
  • Cut into the door frame about 2 -3 cm (20 - 30mm) all the way around using either an oscillating saw or if using a handsaw just rest it flat against a scrap piece of flooring as you cut.
  • If you're using a thick underlay, make sure to take this into consideration before you start cutting, with normal 2-3mm foam underlay you can normally get away with just using a scrap piece of flooring for the height as it can be compressed easily to fit your flooring underneath.

This tip can be used in other places other than door frames, in fact, practically anywhere that is made from wood or plastic that you have to cut laminate flooring around can simply be undercut like in the video for a neater finish.

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