Fitting laminate flooring around toilets and sink pedestals can be tricky if you're not the most experienced laminate or wood floor fitter.

The video above shows you how to easily make a template from lining paper which can then be transferred to your laminate flooring board to give you a guide as to where to cut.

Some simple steps you should follow:

  • Fit the laminate flooring up till the board that needs to be cut
  • Cut a piece of paper or use the box your laminate flooring came in to use as your template
  • Place the template into place into the grooves on the previous board
  • Fold it into place and use a utility knife to cut it into shape around the fixture
  • Transfer your template to your new board and mark your line with a pencil to cut
  • Cut the board with a jigsaw and fit into place

Although the video above shows how it's done with vinyl flooring, it is the exact same procedure with laminate flooring.

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