You want a neat finish when fitting your laminate flooring around circular pipes such as radiator pipes or drainage pipes.

The video shows you a simple method on how you can get a perfect finish around pipes using a drill with a spade drill piece, saw and some adhesive and filler.

Some things you should note before you begin are:

  • The hole you drill in the laminate flooring should allow about 5mm around the full circumference of the pipe to allow for expansion, meaning if you have 15mm pipes you should drill a hole of 25mm to allow the 5mm on each side.
  • Get some flexible filler from your flooring shop that matches the colour of your flooring to fill in the gap or you can use a pipe collar to hide the gap.
  • Use adhesive to stick the wedge back into place and keep it from moving out
There are some other methods you can use when cutting around pipes but this one will keep the cuts down to a minimum and always leaves a good professional finish.


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