Once you've finished fitting your laminate flooring you will want to fit some Scotia trim or beading to hide the expansion gaps around the perimeter of your floor.

This is a quicker and simpler way to hide the expansion gap rather than removing and replacing the skirting boards but here are a few things you should note before you begin:

  • Your beading should be laid flat 24 hours before fitting it to keep it straight and allow it to acclimatise to the room to reduce the chance of shrinking or expanding.
  • Beading can be cut at angles using a mitre saw or a Scotia trim cutter 
  • Attach your beading to the skirting using grab adhesive or panel pins (use a centre punch to sink the pins)
  • For longer lengths, join beading together at 45 degree angles for a neater finish rather than butting them together
  • Use white beading to match your skirting if you can't find a perfect match for your flooring
Beading is a great alternative to removing your skirting boards and replacing them and if fitted correctly should last and look great over the lifetime of your floors. We have a wide range of wood floor fitters in Glasgow who can have your flooring fitted perfectly.

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